Todd S. Schwartz
Vice President, Investments

“ My vision starts with a commitment to client satisfaction, service to
the investment real estate community and above all an integrity based
ethical approach to my client’s wealth building process. ”



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COMPANY: Hanes Investment Realty, Inc.

LICENSE TYPE: Broker and Corporate Officer

MOBILE PHONE: (818) 825-5100

OFFICE PHONE: (818) 865-8305


PRACTICE AREAS: Southern California Multifamily

EXPERIENCE: Over 21 years in Commercial Investment Real Estate
brokerage with a focus on Multifamily product. He has been
been personally involved in over $150,000,000 in investment
real estate transactions.

PUBLICATIONS:  Todd's research, articles and/or interviews have
been published in The Los Angeles Times, The San Fernando
Valley Business Journal, Apartment Owners Magazine,
The Los Angeles Business Journal, Daily Commerce,
The Official California Apartment Journal, Hanes Apartment
Advisor and many others. Todd co-authored the book
Entrepreneurial Property Management.


WEBSITES: Hanes Investment Realty, Inc.

4500 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., #103,
Westlake Village, CA 91362