Tips come from the great posts found on forums

Tip One: Even in a bad economy do not cut back on landscaping. Proper maintenance can save you money in the long run.  It is much less costly to maintain your plants then replace them once they die. Watering is the most important but to save money and have healthy plants don't water everyday. Most grass actually does better if you don't water it everyday.

Tip Two: Many tenant and leasing forms can be found freely on the internet or at your local library. Avoid costly lawyers for this kind of standard work.  One member also suggests you don't rent to ambulance chasing lawyers as your chances of getting sued for something frivolous like a fake trip and fall goes much higher.

Tip Three: Keep good records of all you tax deductible expenses. There are over 300 ways to legally reduce your taxes if you qualify. Without good records you may miss out on some great reductions.

Tip Four:  Set goals. Set goals on revenues, set goals on profit, set goals on expense reductions, set goals on length of ownership and set goals on return on investment. In this economy it is too easy to lose sight of your long term goals so be disciplined about following your plan otherwise the day to day problems could make you overspend.